Pavel Durov, the founder and CEO of Telegram, has lauded Hamster Kombat as the fastest-growing digital service globally. The viral crypto game has amassed 239 million users ahead of its highly anticipated token launch.
Hamster Kombat: A Game-Changer on Telegram

Durov praised Hamster Kombat for leading a new wave of mini apps poised to popularize blockchain technology. He emphasized the game’s rapid growth and its potential to bring blockchain to the masses.
Seamless Integration with Telegram

Hamster Kombat is accessible to Telegram’s 900 million users without leaving the messaging app. It integrates with The Open Network, Telegram’s blockchain network, offering players crypto rewards through token airdrops.
Impressive User Growth

Durov confirmed that Hamster Kombat has reached 239 million signups in just three months. The game gains four to five million new players daily, making it the fastest-growing digital service worldwide, according to Durov.
Global Impact and Controversy

Hamster Kombat’s global reach has not been without controversy. Iranian officials recently condemned the game as a Western attempt to influence their presidential election, citing its appeal of “overnight wealth.”
Upcoming Token Airdrop

The game’s much-anticipated token airdrop is expected this month. Hamster Kombat leads a growing list of Telegram crypto games, including Yescoin, TapSwap, Catizen, PixelTap, and W-Coin.

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